Cost for IUI in India

Here the question arises, is the treatment cost for IUI in India more affordable than in other countries? Or is similar to IVF where one has to spend nearly Rs. 500000 to get the treatment done.

Reproductive Technologies have come a long way to make the impossible, I’m possible. Some years back, when a couple was troubled with parenthood due to several factors which may persist in males, females, or both, there were no treatment options available on a broader range to cover the general public of India. However, with time and technology, it could be treated as per their choice and convenience.

With the availability of various infertility treatment options available, IUI is also one of the most recommended for couples facing issues with Ovulation, unexplainable infertility, and mild endometriosis. If getting a quick result without extensive invasive procedures, IUI is your choice.

Cost for IUI


Here the question arises, is the treatment cost for IUI in India more affordable than in other countries? Or is similar to IVF where one has to spend nearly Rs. 500000 to get the treatment done. Before coming into any conclusion, gather the information from the relevant sources like the Gynaecologist, real stories of patients, or the success rate of the healthcare organization you will opt for. But before that, is India a perfect country for the right priced treatment.

Yes, India giving the treatment at the right price attracted more patients of IVF/IUI through medical tourism. However, people have only knowledge about IVF when it comes to Assisted Reproductive Technology. In contrast, IUI has more scope for giving accurate results with the required cycles and at an affordable price.

There are various places in India where the Initial 1st cycle of IUI cost Rs. 5000-10000. However, one cannot expect the same price in every state of the country; it will vary from city to city. From Delhi to Chennai, it won’t be the same. The hospital’s location, rating, success ratio, amenities, infrastructure, team, and various factors adds to this.

However, other than the procedural cost, it also involves the ovulation induction, tracking details of Ovulation, USGS, and additional charges of medications are also included in this. It may sound like an increased expense as one may undergo more than one cycle, but you can expect the overall cost to be less than a single IVF cycle, which again scores over IUI.


Cost for IUI cannot be the same for every couple. It may vary as per the body’s complexity and the Number of cycles the body is taking to respond.

Age still plays a significant role in defining the success of IUI. The age of a woman directly affects the cost of IUI. Women aging less than 35 years tend to give more accurate results when compared with women over 40 years of age.

The success rate of women aging around 35 years is 10-20% in a single cycle, where it changes to 3-5% in women more than 40 years of age. But if she is less than 35 years and cannot conceive due to other infertility issues, then IUI is also an option for her. However, more than 3-to 4 failed IUI cycles means one has to move towards IVF, which again increases the overall cost.

Medications/Injections also has major role in the cost for IUI in India. When the treatment has to be around Rs. 10,000. The medications are given for stimulation of ovaries, or increasing the fertility rate adds to the cost of IUI, which is nearly around Rs. 500- 5000. However, medications are more affordable than the injectables, where if Human Chronic Gonadotropic are advised for the ovaries stimulation, it again cost Rs. 5000 per injection. But if the patient is in need of multiple injections, then the total cost of injectables may come up to Rs. 20,000-25,000.


When it comes to the affordable right treatment, Cost for IUI in Gujarat is unbeatable that could be Rs. 5000-7000 per IUI cycle.

Procedural costRs. 5000-6000
MedicationsRs. 5000
Total costRs. 10,000


Being the hub of the state, Ahmedabad gives more variance in the Cost for IUI and has several fertility clinics to offer the services.

Shachi women’s hospital is one of the well-known women’s healthcare centres that has completed over 5000+ successful IUI procedures. Dr Nisha Patel is the chief fertility specialist of the centre, along with Dr Saumil Patel heading the department with an experience of over 35 years.

The prime location and low cost for IUI makes it a patient-centric point, which is visited by several couples with fertility issues.

In Shachi, one complete cycle and Cost for IUI goes around Rs.5000 without medications/injections. They also have a fertility counsellor who explains the condition to the couple, based on which they, later on, can take the decision.

Parenthood is possible; only you need a piece of expert advice and wise decision.


IUI i.e., intrauterine insemination, is the Assisted reproductive technology where the washed semen is directly injected into the female’s uterus. Only the healthy sperms are chosen by removing the dead, non-motile and incapable ones. This leads to a fast-acting process where only healthy sperms get fertilized with the eggs at the time of Ovulation. IUI has high success rate of nearly 20-30% under 3-5 cycles when done over the right patients with minimal complexity and is somewhat similar to the naturally conceiving process.

‍Factors on which the success rate of IUI depends are-

  • Women under 35 years of age success rate is higher which decreases if she crosses 40.
  • Less invasive method
  • Non-expensive procedures make it a preferable option.


  • IVF is done outside the female’s body, whereas IUI involves directly inserting washed semen into the female’s uterus.
  • IUI is more preferred in mild cases and early age challenges and is done at a low cost
  • The success rate of IVF is more as compared to IUI.

Process in IUI

IUI process

Session with the Fertility expert-

One fertility expert will ask specific questions related to the body, medical history, habits, and illness to come to a final diagnosis to initiate the process.

  1. Egg stimulation process- The following process comes to the egg stimulation process to stimulate the eggs.
  2. Shots for egg maturation- A shot is given for the healthy eggs released, and hence the IUI process is processed after 36 hours of injection.
  3. Know your pregnancy via test- One can check the pregnancy after 2-3 weeks of the IUI process. 

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