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Similar to ICSI, IMSI is also applied if the previous IVF procedure results negatively.

As technology has advanced, fertility treatments are being modified. IMSI, or Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection, is one of those modified fertility treatments. IMSI is a modified version of IMSI. This procedure is performed when the process of ICSI with IVF fails to any results. Similar to ICSI, IMSI is also applied if the previous IVF procedure results negatively.

The difference between ICSI & IMSI is that the microscope used in the ICSI process magnifies the sample up to 400 times, and the microscope used in the IMSI process magnifies the sample up to 6000 times which leads to significant benefits.

What is IMSI?

IMSI is not new but a modified variation of ICSI in which a high-powered microscope helps the doctor to have a detailed look of the sperm. This detailed look helps in the selection of better-quality sperm. The shape of the sperm (morphology) plays a crucial role in fertilization; through this process, the doctors differentiate between the structure of the sperm so that the suspected ones can be eliminated.

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Why recommended?

  1. Severe male factor infertility: – IMSI is used in severe cases of male factor infertility, such as abnormalities in the shape or mobility of the sperm.
  2. Failed IVF cycle: – If the previous IVF cycle with ICSI fails to provide desired results, IMSI is used in the next procedure to increase the possibilities.
  3. Unexplained infertility: – In such cases where the cause of infertility is unknown, IMSI can be a suitable match for you.
  4. Lack of fertilized eggs during prior IVF cycles: – It can happen that in the previous IVF cycles, eggs didn’t fertilize; IMSI can be a savior in this condition.

The procedure

  1. Ovarian stimulation: – As the first step, medications are given to stimulate the eggs to produce mature eggs that can be used for fertilization.
  2. Egg retrieval: – Once the eggs are produced, they are taken out of the female body by inserting a thin & hollow tube with a needle on top to pull out the eggs.
  3. Sperm selection: – This is where IMSI differs from ICSI. The internal morphology of the sperm is examined under a 15 times more powerful microscope, and abnormal sperms are excluded in the stage.
  4. Insemination: – As the next step, the sperm is injected into the egg and stored in a container until fertilization occurs.
  5. Embryo transfer: – The fertilized egg (embryo) is transferred to the uterus.

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Success rate

Studies have shown that the pregnancy rate is increased from 30 to 60% after the IMSI procedure.

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  1. The process of IMSI has high success rates compared to other fertility treatments.
  2. IMSI works great for male factor infertility such as poor sperm quality, ejaculation issues, etc. As the sperm are well examined, and healthy sperm is chosen, the abnormalities of the sperm are eliminated.

Risk & side effects

  1. Multiple pregnancies: – IVF with ICSI can increase the chances of multiple pregnancies that come with several health problems for the mother and the child, such as premature birth, early labor, miscarriage, etc.
  2. Expensive & time taking process: – IMSI procedure is not a quick one like IUI. It requires some time as the sperms are closely examined before fertilization, which increases the cost.

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