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Semen Freezing

Through this process, men can preserve their sperm for later use.

Infertility is not only a matter of women but men as well. Advancement in male infertility treatment is also being made. And semen freezing is one of them. Through this process, men can preserve their sperm for later use. Through this process, the viability of the sperm is retained so that it can be used when needed.

Semen freezing or sperm banking is also done for women searching for a donor so that they can be pregnant.

What is semen freezing?

Semen freezing is a process in which the sperm of a man is collected and frozen for later use. It is done after proper testing of diseases to avoid major shortcomings.

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When recommended?

  1. Later use: –Men who want to preserve their sperm to embrace fatherhood later can opt for this procedure.
  2. Low sperm count:– In cases where the sperm count is low and is further degrading, semen freezing is a good option.
  3. Medical treatment:– Some medical treatments are more likely to affect fertility. Men going for such treatment can freeze their semen before.
  4. Part of fertility treatment: – In cases where the male partner would not be available for the IVF or IUI treatment can freeze his semen.

The procedure

  1. HIV/HCV Test: – Necessarytests such as HIV or HCV are done as the first step of the procedure. It is done to avoid major shortcomings. 
  2. Semen production: If all the tests are okay, the patient is asked to produce a semen sample.
  3. Examination: – The sample is examined to see if there are any sperm abnormalities. If found any, the sperms are eliminated. And the healthy ones are chosen for the freezing process.
  4. Freezing process: The sperms are frozen in the laboratory.

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Success rate

It is seen in the studies that there is an 80% chance of the frozen sperms surviving the thawing process.

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  1. Men who want to preserve their fertility for later can opt for this procedure
  2. Men going on a tough medical treatment that might affect their fertility are suitable candidates for this procedure.
  3. Those suffering from degrading sperm quality can choose to preserve their sperm for later use.

Risk & Side effects

This procedure has no side effects until the semen sample is collected naturally. If there is a surgical extraction, it can bring some problems like bleeding or discomfort.

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